Touchlight AAV is advancing gene therapy by offering its synthetic, linear, double stranded DNA as the new industry standard for transfection-based AAV production. We believe it is a safer, more effective, more scalable and faster way to manufacture AAV.

dbDNA is produced enzymatically and eliminates bacterial sequences, thus preventing aberrant packaging of bacterial origins of replication and antibiotic resistance genes.
More effective
dbDNA eliminates unwanted sequences, enabling you to transfect more of what you want, and less of what you don’t need to increase titers without optimization.
dbDNA is manufactured from milligram to multi-gram scale with an identical process, in the same facility – we can grow with your success.
Faster to manufacture
dbDNA is manufactured in days, not months, and PO to delivery will be less than 3 months in most cases. Take raw materials off your critical path to AAV.


dbDNA a novel, minimal, double-stranded DNA vector
  • Industrial scalability
  • Elimination of bacterial sequences
  • Faster to AAV manufacturing means faster to market
  • More AAV with less material
A union to provide the gold-standard DNA for AAV manufacture
Touchlight AAV is a Joint Venture between two leading biotechnology organisations within synthetic DNA and AAV manufacture.
A Joint Venture to bring a new gold standard DNA product to the AAV Market
  • Touchlight AAV is a Joint Venture between Askbio and Touchlight Genetics, leaders in the AAV and DNA fields, to enable better AAV production.
  • Research and Clinical grade dbDNA manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in San Sebastian, Spain. Contact us to learn more.